Cook Like Your Ancestors

Cook Like Your Ancestors

"A field guide to the ethereal and mystical parts of our cooking that give it soul. It sings with the energy of intuition and tradition, spice and spirit that are behind the power of our ancestral pots and pans to make community and legacy." – Michael W. Twitty, culinary historian and James Beard Award-winning author of The Cooking Gene and Koshersoul

A fully illustrated guide to intuitive cooking! This beginner-friendly cookbook includes a primer on tools, ingredients, and using your own five senses to make delicious food, as well as twenty vegetarian recipes from worldwide cuisines.

Have you ever met someone who never uses recipes, yet makes incredible meals every time? It seems to be a magic preserved only in the hands of grandmothers, or any passionate provider. An ancient, special knowledge that takes a lifetime to perfect. But that's not always true. You can start learning now, and you probably know far more than you think.

Inside this fully illustrated cookbook is an introduction to intuitive food preparation! Meaning less reliance on teaspoons, grams, degrees, and exact cook times, and more on the way humans have always cooked: by tasting, watching, smelling, listening, feeling, and remembering. Follow along with home chef Mariah-Rose Marie to learn how to measure with your hands, season with your senses, balance flavors on the fly, remember ratios, and more―all with minimal equipment and minimal spending.

You can practice your new knowledge with the twenty delicious vegetarian recipes collected from family, friends, and contributors throughout the globe. From Persian kashk-e bademjan and Icelandic skyrterta to Mexican-Taiwanese horchata con boba, the recipes range from traditional to transformed, reflecting the way foods―like people―migrate, mix, adapt, and are remembered. This book was created with international and financial accessibility in mind, and the hope that readers of all backgrounds will find appreciation for the myriad people and flavors of our shared world.

So grab your trusty cast iron skillet, and get cooking!