Spanning over 90 pages, this inaugural issue of Radicle Magazine surfaces concepts of Black geography, intergenerational knowledge, land histories, and indigeneity. Brimming with interviews, poems, essays, activities, recipes, and original artwork, Radicle invites readers to actively engage with the natural world. Radicle is about uplifting voices and perspectives not commonly centered in the environment or sustainability. We hope readers pull out, splatter, and mull over each of the dynamic pages in this publication. This is an invitation to take root.

Writers and Featured Voices

Ashley Song, BLK Girls Green House, Camryn Burkins, Darel Scott, Fiona Rae Brown, Nancy Chang, Nia McAllister, Maria Pettis, Vanessa Denali Standing Hours Farley of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy Indians


Adrianna Adams, Camryn Burkins, Claire Miles, Darel Scott, Indya McGuffin, Justin Weathers, Kayana Guerrero, Kendal Burkins, Lieyah Dagan, Micael Nuñez, Nancy Chang, Nancy Hoang, Nate Foxx, Paola Saliby, Soleil Summer

Cover art by Joonbug.