Muzae Sesay: Skeletons

Muzae Sesay: Skeletons

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Exhibition catalogue for Oakland Based artist Muzae Sesay. Featuring images of Sesay's paintings and documentation of his solo exhibition Skeletons at pt. 2 Gallery. 

Folklore from a moment as experienced in Oakland, California told in the present from future memories of the past, the work of “Skeletons” steps towards making sense of the complexity around socially systemic happenings that must be assessed in multiple dimensions to begin to approach the issues they bring forth.  

A dim days end. The orange sunset of a black landscape. Colorful rhythmic pillars sway; pressured and yet determined to hold ground. Bones of the past lives lived. Bones that built the beauty that brought us. The home that housed a community now starves. Ripped exposed from a centric progression at their last moments before rehabilitation. Skeletons of the cultural vibrancy and historic diversity that gives Oakland its strength and vitality. Now a relic for the rich living in fear and power.