Black Girl Flesh is a collection of poems, quotes, and micro-essays written by Maud Alcorn. This work was written as a reminder, response, and out of necessity. A reminder that as she is, she is enough. A response to those who try to use her magic against her. Necessary work that archives her continuous healing. Though written from her own perspective, she hopes that people, most importantly Black girls, can still see themselves and feel affirmed by each piece. Though light filled, there are still parts that appear as dark. Know that these pieces were written at a time after she found her own light, so they still can light up pathways back home. Maud knows that many Black girls, just like her, have gone through periods where they lost everything, internally and externally. It is not easy to be, especially boldly and unapologetically, a Black girl, so she wrote something that holds us in ways we need, but often don’t get. She hopes this work reminds us that even if we have nothing but our bodies, our magic, and our flesh, that we will always be more than enough.